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U.S. High School Education

Students interested in pursuing a U.S. high school education may pursue their learning objectives both in their home country, study abroad in a U.S. school, or pursue a combination of both.

This program is designed for international students Grades 9-12 (all nationalities welcome).


American Diploma Program (ADP) at Pennsylvania American International School (PennSchool) and Western Australia School System (WASS)

International students wishing to pursue a U.S. education in Vietnam, may enroll in the American Diploma Program (ADP) at PennSchool and WASS. PennSchool and WASS teach a U.S. high school curriculum by Greenville High School, a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School.

This option gives students the opportunity to begin their education in their home country or a regional Asian country, before considering study abroad. Students may also complete their entire U.S. high school education at PennSchool and WASS.

Standard Graduation Requirements:SubjectEnglishSocial StudiesScienceMathematicsHealth & PEFine or Applied ArtsElectivesTotalCredits44721725*Up to 1 credit (math or science) of total 7 may be appliedfrom approved and designated computer science courses(total, minimum of3in each discipline)

Students in this program will begin enrollment in the 9th grade, and complete up to 25 required U.S. high school credits throughout 10th – 12th grade.

For each year of enrollment, students will be taught a minimum of 6 U.S. high school curriculum courses, according to the Pennsylvania standards. Students will also be taught other courses required for the Vietnamese schooling system.


Students will graduate with U.S. high school transcript & high school diploma upon successful completion of program requirements.

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