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About Us & Our Mission

American Education Development Group (AEDG) is dedicated to advancing access to U.S. education programs and services for international students, educators and institutions. AEDG is driven by its mission to bring American education philosophy and values to Vietnam and the broader international community.

AEDG programs range from offering American educational programs for international students in Vietnam, to providing training for international educators in American pedagogy, to offering options to complete high schoool studies in America.

The AEDG is the U.S. division of The AEDG is the U.S. division of the RT Holdings (formerly known as Indochina International Education Development Group (IIEDG)). RT Holdings is a leading international education provider based in Vietnam. RT Holdings educates more than 6000 students across 10 institutions, high schools and centers annually.


Our programs and services aim to provide Vietnamese and other international students nad professionals pathways that lead to U.S. study, employment and immigration.

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