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Our programs and services aim to provide Vietnamese and other international students and educators pathways that lead to U.S. study, employment, and immigration.


AEDG educates more than 6000 students across 10 institutions annually!

American Education Development Group (AEDG) is dedicated to advancing access to U.S. education programs and services for international students, educators and institutions. AEDG is driven by its mission to bring American education philosophy and values to the International community.

Programs range from providing study-in-America opportunities, to delivering international U.S curriculum programs for international students and educators in their home countries.


International students may enroll in America education programs from the beginning of 9th grade. Several options exist for students that wish to pursue or complete part or all of their U.S. high school studies at the American School of Pennsylvania (Penn School) in Vietnam, at a high school in America, or a combination of both.

Study In Vietnam or America

International students interested in studying abroad in Vietnam or the United States and experiencing American education for short-term to long-term programs, can get in touch with our representatives to learn more.

Contact us today at info@aedg.us

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