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William Penn Polytechnic Institute (WPPI)

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The William Penn Polytechnic Institute (WPPI) is a new AEDG private career college under development.

WPPI offers international & local students an American education with career-focused programs of study:

  • Advanced STEM
    • Robotics
    • Drones
    • A.I.
  • Multimedia Design & E-commerce
    • Creating and selling in the Post-Digital Age
    • Filling and making niches for your content
  • 21st Century Accounting & Business
    • Become fluent in the "language of business"
    • New tools for the post-digital age
    • Starting your own business

WPPI also offers support services:

  • English Enrichment Service
    • ESL education for basic business and professional conversational correspondence
    • ESL support for other programs at WPPI
  • Professional Prep Academy
    • Prep courses for taking professional certification exams in the United States
    • Example include in accounting (Uniform CPA Examination), nursing (NCLEX), etc.

Degree Options

One and two-year degrees:

  • Career Diploma
  • Specialized Associate Degree

International students attending WPPI will have opportunities to participate in career training Co-Op programs that can lead to U.S. employment-based immigration

WPPI Students Include

  • First-Time Job-seekers
  • Seasoned Professionals
  • Individuals interested in serving international and domestic populations
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