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U.S. Work & Immigration Consulting

Programs designed for:

  • International University students
  • International Professionals
  • International Business-Owners

Program Description:

  • AEDG collaborates with Gateway America, Inc, a U.S. immigration & consulting firm, to provide individuals interested in pursuing U.S. immigration, pathways through education to employment-based immigration.
  • Interested candidates will participate in 1 of 2 Pathways:

– Employment-Based Pathways
– Employment-Based Green Card Pathways are designed for international students & professionals seeking U.S. based employment that leads to permanent residency.
– Candidates may begin application either from their home country or in the U.S. during or following the completion of academic requirements, depending on particular requirements. Candidates may begin this track through qualifying for already available EB3 positions or in positions that must be developed for the applicant
– AEDG offers candidates employment-based immigration options through various technical & undergraduate programs.

  • Industry options for employment-based visas include:

– Education
– Accounting
– Business & Finance
– Culinary Arts & Hospitality

  • Standard Visa Application Duration: 12–25 months
  • Outcome: U.S. Permanent Residency

Executive-Based Pathways

  • Executive Transfer Tracks are designed for:

– International business owners seeking to develop U.S. business subsidiaries & branches for the business they own
– International professionals/investors seeking to join existing multinational businesses

  • Candidates interested in executive-based visa pathways may either join existing businesses with openings for foreign nationals or begin developing their own U.S. subsidiary projects. The latter option is typically designed for business owners.
  • Standard Visa Application Duration (Executive Visa): 12–18 Months with option to renew every 1-years depending on business type
  • U.S. Permanent Residency Application Process: 12–18 months (standard timelines for nationalities without an applicant backlog; nations with backlogs will have application times that vary)

*PLEASE NOTE: Application times will vary according to program type, individual circumstances, the previous volume of applicants, changes in U.S. immigration law, and are at the discretion of USCIS officials. All processing times listed are approximate according to ideal scenarios. Applicant’s priority date must be current to begin I-485 processing.