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Higher Education Programs

    • International High School Graduates
    • University Undergraduates (Associate & Bachelor Programs available)

    Program Description:

    • International students that aim to pursue a U.S. undergraduate education may enroll in collaborative 2+2 & 3+1 programs at AEDG College & Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania.
    • International students may enroll in several programs that include:

    – Certificate Programs (less than or equal to 1 academic term)
    – Associate Programs (2-Years)
    – Bachelor Programs (4-Years)

    • Students will begin their U.S. undergraduate education in AEDG College before completing their education at Gannon University or another U.S. institution of higher learning. New institutional partnerships may become available throughout an academic year as AEDG administrators form new programs.

    Programs Include:

    • Accounting

    – Become fluent in the “language of business”.
    – Acquire skills to successfully manage and track accounts
    – Learn new tools for data collection and sharing the globalized digital age

    • Business

    – Learn to spot opportunity in markets
    – Understand the basics of starting a business
    – Sharpen your capacity for lateral thinking

    • Computer Science

    – Acquire the knowledge to diagnose and repair digital hardware and networks
    – Gain the ability to create and administer networks for businesses, schools, and government agencies
    – Work as a computer support specialist, network systems administrator, computer systems analyst

    • Culinary Arts

    – Kitchen layout & operation Sanitation
    – Basic food preparation & plating
    – Classical & International Cuisine Meal planning & nutrition
    – Purchasing & inventory management

    • Managing a kitchen

    – Managing food carts & food trucks
    – Digital marketing (Multimedia and communications)
    – Gain expertise effectively applying content creation tools
    – Practice your graphic design concepts and approaches
    – Translate that your work into effective e-commerce solutions

    • Education

    – Educational Trends
    – Theories of Childhood Development
    – Education Fundamentals
    – Introduction to Elementary Education
    – Math Education Fundamentals
    – Education Technology
    – Liberal Arts Coursework

    • English As A Second Language Education

    – Listening
    – Speaking
    – Reading
    – Writing
    – Numeracy
    – Graphic design
    – Introduction to Graphic Design

    • Design Basics

    – Introduction to Typography
    – Colour
    – Advanced Typography
    – Photography
    – Logotype Design
    – Design System
    – Layout Design
    – Preparing your Portfolio

    • Health & sciences

    – Applied Exercise Science
    – Medical Laboratory Science
    – Nutrition and Human Performance
    – Public Health
    – Sport and Exercise Science

    • Hospitality Management

    – Evaluating front office operations
    – Establishing room rates
    – Settlement & extra charge
    – Forecasting room Availability & room occupancy
    – The daily operation report
    – Room rate variance Analysis
    – Increasing yield on room sales
    – Reservation Procedure
    – Introduction to Food & Beverage operations
    – Food & Beverage Promotions
    – Customer Services
    – Standardize the hotel guest room
    – Hospitality financial management
    – Marketing strategy

    Program location:

    • Gannon University is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

    Program outcomes:

    • Students will graduate with Vietnamese & U.S. certificates or degrees depending on program type